Dual fuel forklifts are a special type of forklifts that use gas and electricity as energy sources.

  Dual fuel forklifts are also known as hybrid forklifts. "Hybrid" literally means "dual" and a hybrid forklift means a device that works with two sources of energy.

Dual fuel forklifts are designed in such a way that the driver has an excellent field of view of the outside space and cargo is carried by this forklift in accordance with safety principles.

How the dual fuel forklift works لیفتراک دوگانه سوز

To achieve a reasonable start: dual fuel, such as the use of gas and gasoline, the forklift must be closed when it is not in use, the manual valve must be closed. You don't have to step on the throttle, the dual fuel system needs to turn the switch to the gas or gas position. After starting, especially in a cold area, it is better to warm up the car for two or three minutes to warm up the internal combustion engine cooling water system before driving to ensure that the hot water can flow to the evaporator to accelerate evaporation.

لیفتراک دوگانه سوز

Pay attention to the fuel switching method: For dual-fuel forklifts, when the forklift stops, it should not be switched while driving. Allow the internal combustion engine to run smoothly as the gasoline turns to gas. At this time, the switch can be turned to the neutral position to burn the carburetor gasoline until the flame goes out, and then the fuel switch can be turned to the gas position to restart. When the LPG is converted to gasoline, it can be directly turned to the gasoline position without stopping in the neutral position, the diverter switch.

At this time, take care to pull out the cable. When the dual fuel system is mainly based on combustion gas, it is necessary to keep at least 1/4 of the fuel in the fuel tank for some time. to need Sometimes it is necessary to burn gasoline so that the gasoline system does not break down due to idle time.Do the correct refueling: There are two ways to refuel, one is to replace the capsule. When filling or changing capsules, it should be outdoors to ensure good ventilation and safety must meet the requirements of local fire protection standards. The forklift must stop, turn off and leave the driver's seat. Fireworks, heat sources and fire sources are strictly prohibited. Handle the cylinder carefully and avoid hitting, throwing or rolling on the ground. Refueling personnel must be monitored during the refueling process and must not leave the  خرید لیفتراک دوگانه سوزsite